Peter Rubino

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I've truly been blessed throughout my career, spanning 45 years, as a sculptor, author and fine art instructor. A few notable commissioned pieces include a 10 foot historic bronze statue titled "Mother of All Life", installed at the Boyko Research Center in Israel. This is the first sculpture of it's kind in the Holy Land that represents the biblical character Eve. During the installation I was privileged to walk the stations of the cross. I had a profound spiritual awakening which deeply influenced my journey in faith, for which I am eternally grateful. Additionally, I created a 35 foot tall monument titled "Archangel", representing St. Michael, for the Walt Disney Company. The opportunity to create my patriotic statue "Remembrance" for the Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation was a humbling experience for me as a veteran. The sculpture honors Americas Fallen Heroes and Gold Star Families and has become a national symbol of freedom, service and sacrifice. Closer to home, in N.C. limited editions of "Remembrance" are installed in Waxhaw's Military Wall of Honor and The Stumptown Park Veteran Site, in Matthews. Also in N.C. the Scott Safety Corporation, manufacturing equipment for first responders, commissioned a bronze firefighter titled "Hero" for installation in their Monroe corporate lobby. The desire to share my knowledge led to teaching sculpture classes at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and The National Academy School of Fine Art in NYC. Subsequently, I conduct sculpture workshops and retreats throughout the US and in Tuscany, Italy. In 1997 I wrote my first instruction book titled the "Portrait in Clay" and in 2010 completed "Sculpting the Figure in Clay". Both books are Penguin Random House publications, distributed world wide and translated in 5 languages. Wanting to use God's gift of artistic talent plus have a deeper spiritual impact and personal connection with my audience, I developed an original extreme sculpting presentation titled 'Passion in Clay". I perform at various Christian venues around the country celebrating Jesus and making Him known, through my Passion performances, in a unique and compelling way. Jerod Chambers: Owner of Chambers Media Studios and Director of Media for Globe Life Ins. He held positions of Creative Director at Lifepointe Community Church in Fort Mill, S.C. and Senior Director of Communication and Production at Transformation Church in Indian Land S.C. Prior to these positions Jerod was Director of Video at Preston Trail Community Church, McKinney, Texas. Nate Siemon: Started as a student pastor at Lifepointe Christian Church, Fort Mill S.C. in 2005 and is currently their Lead Pastor.



Artist Statement

While serving in the Navy during the Vietnam Era it was apparent to me that we had to stop the madness or perish. After my service I felt called to make a statement about the horror of war and a plea for peace. The message had to be bold, evocative and have a powerful visual impact. People needed to see Jesus deliver His wake up message for peace, on TV. In 1970 I co produced and portrayed Jesus in the 30 second television public service announcement that I wrote, titled "aWARness" (a play on awareness). This was a non-profit endeavor sponsored by Rev. Benjamin Horton of the Catholic Negro American Missions Board. It was the first time Jesus appears in the flesh on TV walking in contemplation and presenting an engaging message for peace. Portraying Jesus on TV was a soul searching experience especially at that time of war when His presence was needed most. The message is as relevant today as when it first aired 50 years ago. Since then my passion has turned to sculpture and my first piece was a larger then life size portrait sculpture of the suffering messiah titled "Earth Endangered Species". (Shown in photo of entrant, above)

How it fits into contest

The film explores how evil fuels the fire of civil unrest, escalating it to a global war among nations, which ultimately causes the annihilation of the human race. Jesus is seen contemplating the devil's scheme and at the end He stands high on a mountain, a mighty power against the dark world and a beacon for hope, light, love and peace. A visual reminder that faith in Him is the only answer to sin and salvation. After the final chilling image of the atomic bomb exploding the narrator reads this profound wake up message: "Is This What He Had In Mind At The Beginning".


Victor Gonzalez: Co Producer, director, 16 mm camera operator and editor.
Vincent Loscalzo: Make up artist and costume designer.

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I speed sculpt a 225 lb. monumental clay portrait bust of Jesus in 15 minutes choreographed to contemporary Christian music. My performance is titled "Passion in Clay" and I perform at various Christian venues throughout the U.S. Kindly visit to watch a 2 minute presentation of my performance. You can contact me by email or from the site to discuss pricing and booking information. Also on the site you'll find a small collectible and affordable table top sculpture of Jesus, available for purchase. Thank you.

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