Artist bio

Pierre Chester, an artist born on the island of Saint Lucia has a passion for the arts and creativity. This young man has a kind character and strives for excellence in any arena he partakes in. His skills lie in producing innovate solutions for everyday problems. He enjoys life and usually stands for what ever cause he believes in, especially if related to the arts.



Artist Statement

The leader of an army of the light wants to rule the kingdom from which he belongs but is confronted by the leader of the darkness who shares the same will to rule the kingdom.

How it fits into contest

This piece of art showcases an active function of the full armor of God which the verse speaks about. On the day of evil the leader gains strength from the Lord via his armor and conquers the darkness that stands in his way.


Producer: Pierre Chester
Director: Pierre Chester
Writer: Pierre Chester
Editor: Pierre Chester
Voice Actor: Pierre Chester

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