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My name is Samantha Sloat and I am a Canadian woman with a lifelong passion for music and singing. I currently work as an elementary school teacher, primarily teaching arts subjects and also teaching private music lessons outside of school. I am an experienced singer and performer with classical training, but before learning of this contest in recent months, I had absolutely no experience with making my own music. This marks my very first project as an aspiring artist! My first memorable singing experience was in joining the youth choir at my church, where I later obtained my first part-time job as a cantor for weekend masses and where I am now in my fifteenth year of service. I try to keep myself musically involved in my community through additional hobbies that include vocal directing musical theatre productions and playing trumpet in our local voluntary military band. Taking part in music has brought infinite amounts of joy and excitement to my life for as long as I can remember. The most important thing that I hope to accomplish in my life as it pertains to music, is to continue walking down this path of joy that stems from great musical experiences. This particular project has been a remarkable challenge and a milestone that has pushed me to grow and that has inspired me to start creating my own music on a more regular basis. Jordan Andrews is a 25 year old session musician, music producer and private music lesson teacher who has been pursuing his love of music for over 15 years. Connor Rueter was born in Scarborough, Ontario. He moved to North Bay in 2013 to pursue his education and acting career. Connor is an actor, rapper, film maker and director. Thomas McMahon was born in Scarborough, Ontario. He moved to North Bay to explore an education in film production. He is currently working as a freelance film maker and editor.


Hear My Prayer

Artist Statement

“Hear My Prayer" tells the story of a spiritual battle experienced in its entirety by a girl who finds herself feeling alone in a darkened world. She begins to question her faith in God, crying out to him for help and wondering why her prayers remain unanswered. In the thick of her struggles and inability to feel God's presence, she resorts to a life accompanied by sin. Just when she is ready to give up all hope, she hears the voice of God and is able to get back on her feet by putting her fate in his hands.

My lyrics are a direct reflection of a spiritual battle I once endured. Writing about that experience has given me a new calling to support and uplift others who feel stuck in a similar battle of their own. This contest has made me realize that writing music can be a powerful venue for me to tell my story and hopefully have a positive impact on my audience.

The main intention I have for my audience is that my song resonates with them and that they can relate the story to some part of their own lives. Perhaps it might cause them to recall a familiar situation regarding someone they know, or a struggle in their own life. For those who are currently feeling stuck in the battle, I want my song to breathe hope into their situation. I hope it can exemplify that others in the world are going through similar struggles and they should not feel too afraid to talk about it and get help with what they are going through. My lyrics do not mention the specific type of battle that the girl in the song is going through and that was done intentionally with the hope that it can have an impact on a wider audience of people who are going through all different sorts of battles.

This project sparked a lot of growth in my new aspiration as an artist. It would not have been possible without seeking help from individuals who had experience with recording equipment and software, with drumming and with videography. The most challenging part for me was determining what genre of music I should choose for my song, since I listen to a wide variety of styles and never thought about what style would best fit my voice. It took a great deal of experimenting and trying out a broad range of different styles before deciding that I wanted to go with a funky alternative sound for this song.

How it fits into contest

The song weaves together themes of enduring personal struggle and keeping faith during tough times. Its purpose is to express a message that the spiritual battle between good and evil is a common thing in our world and we are likely to experience it in some capacity, but we need not feel alone. We can overcome our battles and come out on top if we choose to live a life of faith that allows us to be saved by the will and the grace of God.

The topic of the spiritual battle resonates significantly in me and in my art, mostly because I’ve endured my own spiritual battle in the past, which inspired the lyrics to my song. My particular battle was triggered by being in an abusive relationship and feeling like I was all alone, being unsure of how to go about telling my family and friends what I was going through. I wondered why God had let this happen to me after I worked so relentlessly to build myself a good life with a promising future. I felt embarrassed and disappointed in myself for continuously allowing myself to be so disrespected. I didn't want anyone to feel bad or worry about me, so I developed a strong ability to wear a happy mask, making it seem as though I was always okay. In talking with my grandmother, she reminded me that there is a reason for everything that happens in God's plan and she advised me to not break my faith but to keep pleading with God to hear my prayers. I firmly believe that faith was my crutch to lean on through the duration of my battle; I found comfort in trusting that God had a plan for me and my job was to let him be my guide.

There are some word references within my lyrics that are taken directly from Ephisians 6:10-20. The vivid imagery at the climax of the song describes a turning point that occurs as the girl begins to wear the armor of God and take up the shield of faith, letting the Sword of the Spirit fight for her until her battle is seen through. In her prayer towards the end of the song, she prays about extinguishing the [flaming] arrows of the night, using the helmet of salvation and standing firmly against what is wrong. Her prayer shows her following the instructions found in the scriptures that order us to “pray on all occasions…keep on praying for all the Lord's people (Ephisians 6:18).”

Symbolism is used lightly within the structure of the song. For example, there is harmony at the end of the chorus (on the word “alone") and the presence of the harmonic voice is meant to symbolize that she is not actually alone; God is with her even when she is in doubt. Additionally, a slight evolution that occurs in each chorus is meant to be symbolic of the different stages of her story as she goes through her battle. Chorus 1 illuminates the conflict where she is feeling the sting of her troubles, crying out to God for help and wondering if he is still there. The rising action is felt in Chorus 2, where she has lost all hope, has allowed sin into her life and is on the brink of giving up on herself. Chorus 3 marks the conclusion to the story, where she has overcome her battle by regaining her faith and relationship with God. She is now wearing the belt of righteousness, praying to God for herself and for all those who are still in the midst of their own battles.


Samantha Sloat - Music Performer, Lyricist, Composer, Keyboardist
Jordan Andrews - Music Producer, Drummer
Connor Rueter - Videographer, Video Director
Thomas McMahon - Video Editor

How to Purchase this Artwork

Digital copy available, free of charge, upon request.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I teach online private music lessons to people of all ages. Teachable instruments include voice, piano, ukulele and all brass instruments. The price for lessons is $92.00CA per month, which includes weekly half hour lessons.

I am available for hire to perform live at various types of events such as weddings, funerals, military events, hockey games, and other public and/or private functions. My price is $50.00CA per hour.

Transcript / Lyrics

This girl is broken, she's oh so tired
This is not the life that she desired
She wants to break free and run away
The battle's getting harder every day

The ones who love her see a smiling face
But she'll never let them see a trace
Of the tears she's wiped away
Of the hopelessness she feels each day
Why is she letting herself down?
It's getting harder not to drown

"Help me God, please hear my prayer!
Send me a sign, are you still there?
I'll never make it on my own
Why does it feel like I'm alone?"

Been strong for too long, there's not much more she can take
Playing happy only goes so far before you break
This battle she's been fighting is so long and tough
Fighting for air, sinking in waves so deep and rough

"Help me God, please hear my prayer!
I'm done, I'm giving up, there's no one there!
I'll never make it on my own
Why does it feel like I'm alone?"

Consumed by darkness, she decided to give in
Sometimes it's hard for broken people not to sin
And just before she let it come to her defeat
She heard his voice and she got back up on her feet

She wore the armor of God and took up the faithful shield
The sword of the Spirit fought for her until her wounds were healed
Now she prays to God each day to keep her world safe
She prays for all the broken people fighting to win their race:

"May you extinguish all the arrows of your darkest night
Use the helmet of salvation to fight for what is right
Be strong in the Lord and stand firm against what's wrong
The mighty power of God will lead you to the place where you belong"

"Help me God, please hear my prayer!
He sent me a sign, I know he's there
He'll never leave me on my own
I no longer feel like I'm alone"

"He'll never leave me on my own
I no longer feel like I'm alone"

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