Artist bio

Daniel Caton is a professional composer for films, games and television. He recently graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Commercial Music: Film Scoring. Also an avid instrumentalist, Daniel plays a wide assortment of instruments including piano, guitar, banjo and accordion, and carefully leverages this experience in order to compose appropriate pieces for even the most diverse projects. Daniel wishes to compose music for the glory of God by writing quality music for Christian films and ministries.





Artist Statement

This video depicts the process of composing and developing my music, but it also shows my own wrestling with God and intentional engagement with Him. I studied film scoring in college, which was a decision made through faith and prayer. Even so, I can be insecure and extremely self-critical both when writing music and in life as a whole. The firm and fearless warrior depicted in Ephesians 6? Yeah, that's not always how I see myself. However, I serve a God who came to save even the worst among us. He sees the best in me when I have trouble doing it myself. It's through His gifting that I'm able to write music at all, and it's through His strength that I'm able to soldier on in this turbulent world. Therefore, I wrote music that represents not my strength, but His strength manifesting itself in me.

How it fits into contest

I grew up surrounded by fantastic examples of resolute faith and to this day, I have a small army of people consistently praying for me by name. I'm exceedingly grateful for all of those people. However, while I've been strongly impacted by them, I'm my own person. They developed that faith over time through personal, diligent study of God's Word. As powerful as that faith is, it can't save me unless I take it and make it my own. Therefore, I wanted to depict my own "putting on the armor of God" by emphasizing both my personal reading of Scripture and prayer. I also wanted to juxtapose these with my struggles to write music, because that physical and mental struggle mirrors the spiritual struggles inherent in living in a fallen world.


Composer: Daniel Caton
Director: Daniel Caton
Director of Photography: David Arthur
Gaffer: Jon Caton
Production Assistant: Kimberly Caton

Transcript / Lyrics

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