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Dr PIOTR FRANCISZEK BARSZCZOWSKI visual artist and photographer, visual communication designer, theologian and educator. He was born on June 8th 1972 in Tarnow in Poland. He is a graduate of two cracovian universities: The Academy of Fine Arts and The Papal Theological Academy. He specialized in the field of visual communication and the history of sacred art. The author of visual profiles of over 500 companies. A photographer - a member of The Association of Polish Art Photographers and a member of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers. The creator of "NEW-STAINED-GLASS" which is his own technique used for ‘painting’ by means of digital macro and microphotography. The founder of the Atelier “SYMBOL” (1995). As well as the group of artists “ NEOSECESSION”(2008). Lecturer and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Tarnow (UAS Tarnow). The president of the PEGAZ (Pegasus) Art Foundation (2018).




Digital Art

Artist Statement

I had a dream, how could the “LAST SUPPER” look like today

For years I have been studied outstanding works depicting the „Last Supper”. The vast majority of them are long tables in configuration of a horizontal rectangle.
This is how the Lord’s Supper was presented by Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, although… there were also works which showed approximate actual ancient way of eating the supper or introduced a surprising in the patriarchal world motive of women who really – and in harmony with the testimony of the Bible – also became witnesses of the Institution of the Eucharist.
Tintoretto’s “Last Supper” made a great impression on me, I appreciated in them both the participation of women and the artist’s attempts to search for a new composition. I dreamt a composition of the picture, so apparently, thinking about my own solution of the theological and iconographic topic which is so important for our culture did not leave me even during sleep. Slightly overusing, I can call the composition: “Perspective of the Holy Spirit”. From the very beginning, I set the biblical scene in the present. I made a sketch and started dreaming about creating a large painting or even a stained glass with the height of minimum 3 metres. I knew that I would need help of extras to cope with the extremely difficult perspective shortcuts in conjunction with the combination of such procedures as: Golden Ration, Fibonacci Sequence and anamorphosis. In addition to this, there are overt and hidden attributes which are waiting to be discovered by an insightful viewer, a complicated labyrinth hidden in the floor telling a story as well as signs and symbols known to Christians for ages and established in the presentation of this key and highly dramatic event, both in human and religious terms.
At the end of the March 2019 I organised a casting for extras. 26 people applied. Some of them were my pupils and students. I admit that over recent years I have seen them in my mind in the roles of contemporary Apostles and disciples of Jesus. And I had to choose 17 people on the basis of the original sketch. However, I did not dare to select. I felt bad in this role. I decided to engage everyone.
On Holy Thursday 2019 in the interiors of “Gemini Park Tarnów” took place a photo session which lasted from the closing at 9:00 pm to 3:00 am. I had almost everything to start the proper work. The only thing which was lacking was the “paint”. In my authorial technique which I call “New-Stained-Glass” this “paint” is macro and micro photography. In this way I compose digital collages which I then put on the glass. I mostly photograph water and minerals. This time I took a series of several hundred photos of bread and wine in order to emphasise the Sacrament of the Eucharist, I filled with them over 2,000 parts of the collage.
I present to you “Last Supper XXI”, for which I have prepared for over 30 years.

How it fits into contest

I had a deep crisis of faith. I also saw a deep crisis of faith in my pupils and students.
I created "Last Supper XXI" to regain faith. I realized that I pray all the time when I create. I also wanted young people to listen to their heart when they look at this graphic.

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30 000 Euro
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