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Name:Tatyana del Carmen Caballero Leguisamo ID:6-64-62 Panamanian Citizen born in Chitre, Province of Herrera, Republic of Panamá Date of Birth: 26/08/1967 Age:52 Gender: Female Occupation: English teacher Freelance English/Spanish Certified Translator Student of Art since March 2018, still studying. Status: Separated Mother of three children Eric Israel Caballero age 27 born 11/10/92 Wini Eduardo Robbins Caballero, age 15, born 28/04/2004 Erin Naomi Robbins Caballero, age 14, born 08/07/2005. no team member.


The final Battle



Artist Statement

Starting with the idea of representing the bible passage it was difficult because i am only a student but the Bible inspires with the passage of a moment which has been expected for all Christians all over the World.
I started with a sketch and then proceeded to pass it on canvas and Paint it with acrylics.

How it fits into contest

The image itself represents three people awaiting for the battle, are soldiers and erudits but more tan that people of faith.


This is an individual submittance made by Tatyana del Carmen Caballero Leguisamo with identification number 6-64-62, citizen of Chitre, Republic of Panama

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The Final Battle is an original work of Tatyana del Carmen Caballero Leguisamo. Oil on Canvas 16 X 20 inches. To be sold USD150.00 or above.
Tatyana Caballero Leguisamo
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I am still a third year student

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