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Shanique Stewart is a native of St Vincent and the Grenadines, where she was born in 1993. She was initially self-taught but now attends the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, where she is pursuing a BFA in Sculpture. She established a fine arts business in 2015 called “Beaux-Arts by Shanique Stewart”. She is also the Founder of an visual and performing arts organization called “Heartist Association for Young Creatives” which was established in 2016 and for which she and her team produced three collaborative events. More recently, in 2018, she has founded a wearable arts fashion company called “Legacy d’un Heritage”.Stewart is considered a jack of all trades as she doesn’t limit herself to one artform. She is best known for her murals and has both commissioned and volunteered murals around SVG and Jamaica. She was also a member of the (ECMMAN) SVG, for which she completed a mural on marine conservation. Stewart dabbles in sculpture, fashion, videography, photography, management, disco jockey, drumming and several other artist endeavours. Stewart has exhibited in the Youlou Art Exhibition 2016 in SVG, and VINEYARD VINCYFEST 2016, USA, and she has worked along with Government bodies in SVG pertaining exhibitions and cultural festivals. Stewart has murals, paintings etc. sighted in countries such as SVG, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, United States.


Serenity through Perturbation



Artist Statement

To create this project, I focused on an area that is truly personal and yet be “universally traumatic”. I believe in God and honour him for keeping me through some of the most excruciating events of her life. This piece is both a tribute and a healing process where I can finally voice my experience. I truly believe that these events that leads to depression and anxiety were to give me wisdom, lead me to life’s purpose and help others in similar situations. This sculptural painting was influenced by reconnecting with God after a difficult year with school, home etc. It was then I realized that my anxiety was triggered by certain events which made me look back at my functionality during and after pregnancy that may have been depression and/ anxiety. This art piece consists of contextualized angel with the specific task will sled myself, my daughter and family from the worldly raft. I belief that when we feel God has forgotten us because there are battles, we still endure, we blinded by troubles over the things we haven’t even seen that God’s angels have been protecting and guiding us from. The piece depicts Gods covering over the troubling times that came with motherhood and how God brought myself and my family through those times, experience is truly the best teacher.
This piece was constructed using wood angling from irregular directions representing protection with orange and pink colours representing vital vitamins (D) needed to help have a healthy those sunlight which in turn speaks to happiness and peace. The two men at each corner of the sculptural painting is the child father who created problem such as abuse, neglect, stalking etc. I believe he was moved by a spirit of evil because nothing bad is of God. as the evil spirits represent snakes, red roses with thorns, poisonous frogs and poisonous apples act as those entities which caused pain. The angel God sent covers us from the more serious agendas of evil even though myself had demons of my past still taunting but, in that God, still protected me because I called o him for mercy. God is Merciful, hence the reason why the thorns and apples invaded me. The child out of wedlock was meant to tear me down but brought new life for me. The pureness and love and Gods mercy kept me from not succumbing to trials I faced in those times. People wear purple to funerals so because most of these issues were deadly I decide to incorporate the but as it surrounds myself and my daughter, it becomes lighter close to white. this mean from death to life a rebirth per say as white emulates purity and goodness.
On the verge of developing my own artistic identity as she hopes to one day create an art movement, I believe my purpose is to help others see their potential by first helping them to overcome adversaries that may plague them. I was blessed with a very strong support system especially in my most troubling times by displaying the raw truth with great revolution and insight of overcoming we reshaped the way we see things. With that ideology, I aim to be a vessel of God’s love as a beacon of hope to those who weren’t/ aren’t as privileged as her.

How it fits into contest

This piece gives insight to how a spiritual battle occurs and what you may expect. When God says to put on the amour of God you take his teachings to guide you. Fasting and praying gave me insight where I was able to see things before it happened and so did my family . It wasn't a pretty battle sometimes it look as if we were about to be conquered but God came through in the nick of time. You have to trust God will deliver you and stay under his covering and use his tools (pray and fasting) to protect you. This piece also highlights that God allows us to go through certain scenarios for wisdom. I learnt what love is, i learnt what betrayal is, i learnt how wicked lies are, i learnt to depend on God, i learnt of God's mercy which i really try to give whenever am wronged, i learnt to love myself, i learnt how to express love, i learnt who i can lean on, i learnt that am always covered under his blood. These eve This wisdom I gained helped counsel with many youths and young mothers (training for my purpose) and helped me to understand things in a new way. I saw evil but i also saw God's and what he can do, makes you fear and love him in one. Also I learnt that God doesn't give us more than we can handle as he always came through when we were out of options and protected us while we were unprotected by what the worldly protection means. Thing is God is protecting us from things we don't see, so even when faced with deep adversaries God protect us from the enemies other rafts and whatever the devil meant for evil, was flipped around for good. when I thought that having a child would strip me of everything, I got closer with my family, my daughter gave me the desire to start my own business, I got help without even asking and the help was for what i needed and more, God showed me mercy even though I did things that are not pleasing to him. I held onto to him because he was all I had and he dust me off an made me an example. Spiritual battles aren't easy, you are tested beyond but the amour is faith, pray and fasting. This spiritual battle was to destroy the legacy God wants for my family. But God turn that around, that God's revelation for us when we have prevailed out of this spiritual warfare, peace for his people.


God for the inspiration, family for the support.

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