Artist bio

Pamela Schwartz is best known for her thought provoking work exploring human emotion using acrylic and glazing techniques on canvas. "My work reflects my passion and love for God," she states. "All of humanity longs to discover their purpose in this life. My purpose is to help you examine yours.” Pamela received her art degree from Humboldt State University in California. She is a mother of three, a school teacher and a blessed child of God.





Artist Statement

This piece created itself. It was uncovered by the artist, who felt very moved to see the image of a contrite and surrendered man, giving himself in the presence of God, barely escaping the clutches of evil.

How it fits into contest

At the heart of strength is surrender. Without a complete trust in the love of our creator, we are hopeless to stand against evil. But with God, all things are possible.


The Holy Spirit, Pamela Schwartz

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work, acrylic on canvas. The original is for sale.

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