Rayon Edwards

Artist bio

My name is Rayon Edwards. I am from Jamaica and was born on September 10, 1992 in the parish of Kingston and St. Andrew. I am specialized in sculpture making and was educated at the Mico University College in Kingston Jamaica. I am also a teacher in visual arts education. I like to show my artistic skills when i am given the chance to with my given circumstances.


Endemic species.



Artist Statement

This sculpture reflects and endemic species in Jamaica know as the jamaican yellow tail butterfly. This butterfly is endemic to Jamaica. It was created using wire, newspaper, printing paper, tissue paper, paints, dry wall concrete for the base to rise the sculpture in to a high relief sculpture using a additive method of building up the sculpture.

How it fits into contest

This art word speak as about love and peace for each other that is beautiful and so the butterfly is beautiful like the bible book of Ephesians. Go to Gods power, so the butterfly stands firm and go to Gods power with good news and peace for this is Gods word. Stand Firm and take up the armed of God.


Rayon Edwards created this art work by crafting the item for cultural and environmental art. To represent blending in to the environment.

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This is an original work. A sculpture.

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The sculpture expressed painting mixed media because of the nature and beauty intended to express of the love the butterfly shows for people in life.

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