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Katina Lowe was born Katina Sares on March 12, 1981 in Toledo, Ohio. After attending the University of Denver for her BFA in Electronic Media Art Design in 2003, Katina worked as a freelance designer for several years. She then attended Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where she studied Print Media under noted printmaker, Randy Bolton. In her first year, Katina was awarded the David R. Zimmerman Merit Scholarship. She received her MFA in 2009. Katina lives and works in Denver, Colorado as an artist and educator. Her installation on the moment of belief, Now Go Make Disciples, was shown in both Michigan and Colorado venues, including University of Denver’s Victoria H. Myhren Gallery and the Temple Tantrum festival in Denver’s Rhino district. After being both Vice President and President of Christos Collective Community when it was an LLC, she is now considered the general manager of the community aspect of the newly appointed nonprofit organization. Since graduate school, Katina has continued to exhibit throughout the Denver metro area as well as nationally. Though she works in different media and enjoys experimentation, installation art is her first love, and she has spoken at public venues educating the public on installation art. Her topics focus on the paradoxes belief creates along with the prejudices, fears, magic, narrative, and mystery present within the human spiritual experience. She links these ideas through familiar human anatomy such as hair and hands. After Becoming a mother in 2019, she is excited to see how her new role will play into these concepts. Katina is an instructor at Colorado Christian University, teaching Art History, Digital Photography, Creative Arts, and C.S. Lewis in Film and Literature. Until recently, she taught college level studio art and photography at a private Colorado high school. Currently, in addition to her art practice, Katina is starting her own creative consulting and art product business. Her partnership with the NPO ministry Turning Point of the City and their annual fundraising events have brought some success in recent years. In her free time, Katina enjoys writing, gourmet cooking, and outdoor recreation in the forms of cycling, camping, mountain biking, and hiking.


Emmanuel, God is with Us


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I created this artwork in a series, which was published in an Advent guide on the titles of Christ. I have always loved taking things from chaos to order: washing dishes, packing, puzzles, and collage. Though I haven’t worked in the medium exclusively, I plan to start a new series that is founded in collage and personal stories, abstract portraits. I enjoy the act of physically ripping pieces and then finding them a home in something beautiful, as something beautiful. I am a very broken person, as we all are, but the more I realize this, the more I am able to look to Christ in vulnerability—the more I am able to trust Him and accept His love which is making me more whole everyday. He is taking my ripped and broken bits and making them something beautiful: He is making me a work of art.

How it fits into contest

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10
Before we go into battle, we have to fully submit to Christ and trust Him to transform us into a future hero—that person who puts on the armor of God, ready to challenge the darkness without fear. On our knees, vulnerable and humble, we finally realize that we can’t do it on our own. Christ was led to the slaughter, silent and obedient, before His victory over death; therefore, long before our stories become legendary, sacred, and awe inspiring, we must reach for Him, having fallen before Him. In our self sufficient culture, this is a difficult journey to undertake. Everything screams “pride!” “rights!” “glory!”... muddling through these intoxicating mentalities is half the battle; happening well before we don armor. This collage illustrates the moment we reach for Christ. We trust Him. We know He is with us, and it gives us the strength to enter the battles ahead.


Just me

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Original, framed

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Direct commissions, video workshops for teens and adults, small group art (Painting, installation, and drawing) and photography lessons, Oil paintings, collages

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