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Nicole Townsend is a writer from the island of Jamaica, she mainly writes poetry, stories, articles, and song lyrics. She has self-published her first book on Amazon titled Serenity: Poems for the Mind. She has had multiple poems published in Harness Magazine and also has been published on Page and Spine. She has been awarded the second-place position for the over eighteen age group in the Caribbean and Americas region in the Common Wealth Youth Council’s Unseen and Unspoken poetry competition for her poem titled Stagnant. Most recently she has been awarded second place in the Tales of Autumn poetry competition. She is a well-rounded individual who loves life, is passionate and dedicated.


Not all armors look the same



Artist Statement

I have always been a fan of nature. I recently started taking pictures in and around my home, my forte is nature photographs. I took this picture of this little guy one day after a thunderstorm, I thought him strong, beautiful, and resilient.

How it fits into contest

This little snail moves slowly going about his business and as slowly as he moves he still gets it done eventually in the time God has provided him with. Moving at such a slow pace he sure is to be prey to multiple predators but God has equipped him with his own personal armor, when attacked he slips into it and no harm comes to him whatsoever. After the threat has passed he slowly comes out and continues on his way. This is very similar to us as humans, God has equipped us with our very own personal armors, no two look the same or behave the same way. Yet it protects us the way it was made to, some of these armors we can't even see but it's there regardless, so cover yourselves under the armor he has provided you with and for additional protection go to him and let him equip you with the armor of faith, love, grace, and endurance. If He is for us then no one or nothing can be against us, His mercy is all the armor we need, so take His hand and come to Him, there will be no worries thereafter.



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Original photography work taken in my backyard garden.
Sale negotiable, please contact me at

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