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DUNG Q NGUYEN ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Artistic Painter Birth:1975-current, Vietnam Born in 1975 , at the end of the Vietnam war is where my journey began. Only living 6 days before taking refugee to the United States and enventually living in Richmond, Va. Attending Virginia Commonwealth University, and majoring in painting and printmaking I graduating with a BFA. This is where accademically I studied art history and the evolving history of great artist. From this point on my paintings more and more reflected an abstract view using rich layers of color, blush marking techniques, etching scratching paint with lines of color. I transform ideas with an expressive feel by color to compose my subject maters in my painting. Using sybolic elements, figurative, landscape, and other images I make a compostion from that which I have before I paint. What i mostly do is try to constantly push the boundries and explore where my painting can develope. I keep my subject matters relevant, and try to make them universally understood to todays culture. However with out going to far ahead of the depths the near end. This is a belief that pushes new ground in paintign and art as it evolves and rebirths.


oil 4 paint



Artist Statement


This interpret deplicts the moment eden was forever changed. The gracious gesture of eve i captured as a free flowing acceptance of the fruit given to adam as an innocent unknowing gesture. Adam acceptance is of his connection to eve willingly but the confussion of a new found subconscious deplicts him as undecicive. I tryed to capture that moment when darkness starts to transform eden. By acknowledging the fruit.

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Interpritation of the well know fruit of knoledge



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Original interpretation of this well known subject.
Est: 3900$sray enamel, oil on canvas
Info contact: d-q-nguyen beyond printing Facebook

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Large oil paintings

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