Artist bio

Hi I'm Brittany I'm 23 a Visual Artist Designer. I'm Currently Working On Improving My Skills. Along With Building My Platform For Fine Art. I I'm Challenging Myself To Capture A Greater Visual Of Spiritual Art.


Righteousness in The eye of the beholder



Artist Statement

This Artwork shows Faith within Yourself & with the shield of God(The praying Hands) No Evil spirits Can Overtake your Mind. I started with capturing the eye cause the Eye represents the Righteous mind.

How it fits into contest

I Decided To Do this piece Because The Scripture presented has help me understand the spiritual Battle we are facing in the world today & how I should stand firm on faith & justice that God Will Protect The Righteous One's who Believe & Stands for Righteousness .


Creator By Brittany Gholston

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This piece is A original Creation By Brittany Gholston

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