Gavin Turner

Artist bio

My name is Gavin Turner and I have been an IT professional for roughly 20 years now. I am an avid sports enthusiast who, at 44 years old, still enjoys playing basketball and flag football. Art has been a dormant passion of mine. I grew up taking art classes throughout high school but pursued a Computer Science degree in college. It wasn't until my wife bought me a set of pencils a few years ago that I rediscovered my love of art. This love also helped me connect with God on a different level - as the original Master Artist/Creator.


Take Hold



Artist Statement

In the midst of darkness and spiritual warfare, we must freely take hold of God's word and follow it through the shadows of death to wherever it leads. In this piece, the black background represents darkness, the world and mystery of unforeseen chaos. Parts of Ephesians 6 scripture pages were used in the making of the "scripture rope" firmly grasped by the free and uncontrolled left hand. The rope extends off into darkness with no indication of an ending. The right hand struggles to aid in stabilizing the grip because it is bound and being restricted by illuminated sin represented by an iridescent rope.

Being engaged in spiritual warfare, eternity is at stake. As Christians, we should embrace the idea that we are to be warriors. Christ has given us the playbook. He humbly demonstrated the art of war and graciously gives his armor of protection. He's even won the war. But, until his return, we are to stand firm on the truth of his word while moving forward in battle. Moving forward requires both hands, unrestricted, on God's word.

How it fits into contest

The spiritual battle is reflected simply in the contrast of freely being led by God's word by laying hold of it but also being bound by sin impeding the process and progress. Sin wants to keep you in darkness but Christ wants to lead you through it.

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