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My name is Kip Ayers and I was born and raised in upstate New York. As a child I spent most of my time in nature and learned some of the greatest lessons from the natural world around me. From the local streams and forests, I learned how to play, create, and untether my imagination. Today, I work as a professional digital illustrator from my home studio. I specialize in book cover design and illustration, but I also enjoy working in the gaming, packaging, and magazine industries. I am heavily influenced by the natural world, and it is where I feel most connected to God.


His Word is Armor


Digital Art

Artist Statement

"His Word is Armor" is a digital illustration, created by hand, with a stylus and the use of a Wacom Cintiq tablet. The illustration is a commentary about society's obsession with material goods, and money. More importantly, it is about how rulers, authorities and powers have used this obsession to drive a wedge between people.

How it fits into contest

When working on this illustration for the Engage Art Contest, I was considering the current state of our society here in the United States, and all over the world. There seems to be a growing trend of people caring more about belongings and money, than they do about one another. There has been a great effort by “the rulers, authorities, and powers” to convince us that material goods will bring us happiness, and that we must have the latest and greatest products to feel fulfilled.
In the illustration “His Word is Armor” I depicted a herd of people who had fallen prey to the worship of money, and material wealth. Their eyes are closed, their hearts are nowhere to be seen. There is a dollar symbol glowing in their foreheads because money is always on their mind.
Many people have been persuaded that building wealth is of the utmost importance. I feel that Ephesians 6: 10-20 is speaking directly to this false message. Being fixated on material wealth separates us from one another and separates us from God. His armor is so important. In the illustration, mixed into the crowd are those who wear the Word of God as an armor protecting them from losing their way. They shine like beacons, and you can see the beams of light here and there throughout the crowd as it goes into the background.
His Word is truly armor, and it is an armor that protects us from much more than a physical attack. It protects us from an attack on our relationship with Him, an attack on our state of mind, and an attack on our love and appreciation for others.


I'd like to say a special thank you to the man who inspired me to start reading and studying the bible. His name was Robert Briggs, but everyone called him "Uncle Bob". Over twenty years ago he encouraged me to start reading the bible, and would invite me to bible study along with his wife and friends. One of his favorite books of the bible was Ephesians, so it's very apropos that I am entering this contest. Uncle Bob passed away a few years ago, but I can still see the excitement in his face when we'd be studying. Thank you Uncle Bob, it was God's will that I started studying, but he used you to deliver that message.

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This illustration isn't for sale, but if you'd like to contact me via email I'd be happy to work out getting you a print.

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I am a professional illustrator, and I primarily work on book covers for self publishing authors. I do have experience in other genres including magazine illustration, gaming, packaging, etc. Please feel free to contact me to discuss a particular project.

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