Alyssa Kumle

Artist bio

I am an acrylic painter, writer, and job coach for individuals with special needs living in the Atlanta area. I have a degree from the University of Georgia in Human Development and Family Science and Disability Studies. After college, I interned at a campus ministry for two years where i mentored college students in their walk with Christ and led small groups. I currently serve as a door holder at Passion City Church and sell art at a local coffee shop and online. I have a nerve disorder in my feet and legs that i was born with limiting me to leg braces and a walker or scooter. Currently, I am wiring a book telling my story of overcoming adversity and knowing God to be good and faithful even in hardship and trial. I want to encourage others through art and writing that God is amazing and is our provider of all things!


The Bride in a Spiritual Battle



Artist Statement

This painting depicts the bride of Christ, which is all of us, and the constant spiritual war we daily face. The enemy is always throwing flaming arrows at us, while God's promises and standing on the Word is what sustains and strengthens us.

How it fits into contest

The painting represents the battlefield of the mind and the being torn between believing God's promises but also being attacked with things like fear, doubt, torment or hard circumstances. Even when a follower of Christ, the enemy continuously tries to steal, kill, and destroy. It is crucial that we put on the armor of God daily and stand firm on the Word. My painting specifically emphasizes the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit because these two pieces of armor stand out most to me in Ephesians 6. For me, declaring truth over my circumstances in life has brought a lot of healing, proving that God's word is sharper than any attacks from the enemy (Hebrews 4:12).God's word is our ultimate protection and is our source of life.


Just myself

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Original work, $60

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