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UNC-Charlotte Graduate, Painter, Entrepreneur




Hip-Hop / Rap

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Created after a perspective-shifting, life event. I was sitting at a stop light in my vehicle when I was rear-ended by another automobile at 65 MPH. God and his angels saved me. I create music to glorify my creator and savior Christ Jesus! I am a TBI survivor and doing so now naturally without meds, drugs or alcohol. Thanks be to God!

“What if Saul wasn’t blinded? Who became Paul, need I remind them, of all the greatness that’s arisen from the struggle! Daily I bear my cross and accept the loss as gain to me I know I pale in comparison to you Jesus but aim to be as much like you as I can.”

How it fits into contest

The body Armour of God is in Christ Jesus. Without the blood of Christ, not only am I not “standing my ground” (as it is instructed in this passage) during “the day of evil” but there is no ground to stand on period.

One of my favorite hymns lyric states “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand." My song "Testimony" represents my shield of faith and hip-hop music is in many ways “my testimony, my walk with Christ.” Alongside a team of dedicated doctors and cutting-edge concussion rehabilitation therapies, my brain's neural pathways are being reshaped and reformed by the grace of God through art. I need someone to help guide and mature this talent God has given to me to share with the world.


Zack Fraley - Artist, Producer AP and Mix Engineer, Sean Divine

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