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My name is yaoska loaisiga and I love to design and make creative arts that help people identify with what I want to convey in Educacion efectiva are two founder member , my husband and I, We both believe that education is essential to create the solid foundation of a human being


La batalla de Dios


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I inspire in the verse of 10-13 Put on all the armor of God, so that you may stand firm against the devil's snares.

12 For we have no fight against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this century, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the celestial regions.

13 Therefore, take all the armor of God, so that you can resist on the bad day, and having finished everything, stand firm.
We can all be warriors of God and fight against earthly evil and protect our planet from evil spirits, for God is always with us and empowers us as warriors of God
I believe that my art shows that we are all able to become warrior angels and wear their armor to transform our world and eradicate evil.
We are all capable of transforming our environment if we feel God, his protection and his strength

How it fits into contest

because the evil that is on earth represented by a nuclear explosion, there are currently many wars, weapons and danger of another war that destroys all of us who inhabit the world
but God is always taking care of us and giving us his strength to be his warriors and impose peace and love in our hearts, that is why I represent the warrior and his wings, because we can be those angels of love and strength that protect our planet


her creator its me yaoska Loaisiga but my husband helped me by giving me ideas and analyzing what the verse told us

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It is original and my image services can be requested at

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