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I am an independent artist and designer who favors fashion, music, surface pattern design, graphic design, writing and photography.


Faces of Nature



Artist Statement

I wanted to showcase how the Bible is all about 'SELF' so I created a concept film of portraits entitled Faces of Nature, which looks into the meaning described in several portraits juxtaposed with the meaning inscribed in the scripture mentioned. Because of size constraints, the film is further explained below.

How it fits into contest

In the film, I review how each portrait depicts the right nature or 'SELF' to embody as I give my testimony as to how I prepare myself to overcome the enemy.

The first piece is entitled, "Wonder Woman" and it corresponds well with the 10th verse which speaks of a rest, a final step, which is, "To be strong in the Lord and the power of His might." This photo is a beautiful depiction of the feminine form adorned with beauty and a celestial overtone, her features obscure, signifying the overpowering and overwhelming nature of the help that she had with her. It also signifies her inner beauty, which we know is OF the LORD.

The second piece is called, "Omniscient" as we know God is. This portrait speaks to the nature of that that we can assume the more time that we spend with him; we will have a more discerning eye and the ability to withstand in the evil day; the armor of God is to stay close to God. This piece is further explained by verses 11-12.

The third piece is "Noted," a fascinating image that speaks of retribution, which is warning, to remind us of the need to be as verses 14 says. The emotions/attributes enlightened by this photograph are shame, grit, a golden seal and the sense of being covered (as depicted by the check mark).

"LOVE," the next piece, are ideals of verse 13, which is indeed the whole armor of GOD. It speaks of an "invisible" and an "indivisible" love, which is the strength of the universe.

The next piece reminds me of the peace seen in Virgin Mary, who is humbled, subdued and beautiful in her place. Indeed, this is the gospel story as noted in verses 15-18, all attributes of the Virgin Mary.

Verse 19 is further explained by "2020" a piece that is reflective of Paul's 'SELF' reflection in this verse. He was aware of his need and he prayed for it instantly in that verse.

The final piece is entitled "Bronze & Minted," which is the gospel seed and the state that Paul speaks of in this verse. This piece displays the darkness that we sometimes experience as ambassadors of the gospel story but there is an unmistakable light, joy and beauty in this picture that can only be seen in those who follow like Jesus.


Ms. Odetta A. Fraser. Author and producer of "Faces of Nature."

How to Purchase this Artwork to contact me directly or visit to purchase. Printing output is up to the buyer; options include, tote bags, clothing, hoodies, t-shirts, wall canvas, wallpaper, fabric, mugs and more.

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I design and sell merchandise for sale included, hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, shirts, fabric and more. I am also available to commission for custom designs.

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