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Artist from Oregon now living in Colorado. What can I say, I love nature and all things created by God. My greatest inspiration comes from seeking. Life is difficult, so I take my difficulties to the source, and in the process of learning, I often create something to help me remember... or even share my experience with others. My life has been quite difficult at times, yet who can't relate... I only hope to inspire others to take a similar path... to seek, and to build on that connection with their Creator. And maybe leave something for the rest of us to enjoy. As a street artist, I write "esku" which is Hungarian for "Oath" this comes from a connection I made with the living word, written and spoken. As it says in the Bible... I believe we create our experience in life as we think, and as we speak. I tried to embody that for a long time... now it's just a part of who I am. You can find me on social media etc. by using "truesku" stay true to your words... they stay with you. I enjoy letters and light.. check out my work some time. Peace. -Caleb


This Little Light of Mine.

Artist Statement

This is a stop motion/animation style video using light painting and long exposure photography. I often use a hand made LED light tool to create abstract shapes, light up the model/characters, paint in the environment, and tell a bit of story.

The Book of light represents the living word. Red lighting is used to show moments of struggle, pain, frustration, and anger. Whereas, the pink is used to reveal the spirit God sends us with help, protection, and understanding in order to overcome our adversaries. The white light is used to represent purity and truth as it is revealed from God in the living word.

This short story is captured in an urban setting to help show that even though these struggles have existed far before us we must remain aware and diligent to know how the enemy has and will adapt to the new times to come and to the generations that will endure them.

How it fits into contest

I chose to illustrate the concept of spiritual warfare by shining a light of truth. We all struggle and have hardships throughout our lives, and it's often hard to see in the moment that these difficult times are really opportunities for us to step up and out of the shadows and into our true light.

I believe the written word is God breathed and that by understanding the spirit captured within this living word is a key to knowing our personal potential with God. I believe any hardship can be transformed from its current unpleasant state to a revelation of understanding. With that understanding an ability to change in a blink of an eye. When we close our eyes and see from the heart's perspective, seeking mercy and grace with the intention to rise above our current struggle we learn to transform hurt into hope.

Through prayer coming from inspiration of the written word we learn to use our armour as well as our weapons to become victorious in our spiritual conflicts.

Read, write, pray, repeat.


My wife Latasha - photography, conceptualization

My son Isaiah 10 - model
My daughter Talilah 9 - actress
My daughter Amaya 5 - moral support
Music - fair use from soundcloud for commercial editing / use

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Art and commissions available.
Caleb Thomas
Facebook - KB Thomas

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Instagram - @truEsku_calligraffiti - handlettering, calligraphy, photography.
theOath - (wristbands) - (apparel)

Transcript / Lyrics

Mortal man,
immortal plans,
what do you stand for?!
This lil' light of mine.
Bright as yours,
and yours is bright as time.
Know that they gone' fight yo' shine gotta tell em' gimmie mine.
This lil' light of mine.
Bright as yours,
and yours is bright as time.
Know that they gone' fight yo' shine gotta tell em' gimmie mine.
Look at tha skies.

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